for Board Members, Managing Directors and Senior Managers

View of a neutral, experienced, and trustworthy impulse giver at eye


Objective, innovative, unbiased view from the outside to increase the success of you and your company.

Target-oriented analysis of your challenges and opportunities combined with an effective co developed solution.

Questioning, further development, and consolidation of existing ideas and experiences.

Support during the implementation of projects.

Honest and constructive feedback.

More relaxation, more confidence, more energy.


for your business

New opportunities for your business primarily with focus on Germany,

Austria, and Italy.

Strategic market analysis, benchmarking, and branding.

Tailored recommendations regarding international expansion strategies.

Identification of optimization possibilities for company positioning and external presentation (both domestic and international).

Joint resolution of conflicts with foreign subsidiaries.

Solution approaches and implementation support with a team of experts from different fields.

Expansion of investors and international counterparty network.


Highly experienced as a sparring partner and expert for the internationalization of companies in diverse industries since 2008, including but not limited to: automotive, telecommunications, energy, trade fairs, tourism, food & beverage, retail industries.

Many years of experience (1997-2006) as a manager at DAIMLER(Chrysler) AG in Germany, Italy and USA in the areas of marketing, communication, operations, and sales.

Co-founder and President of DEXPERTI, an interdisciplinary network of business decision-makers in various fields with a team of leading experts (lawyers, tax consultants, architects, etc.) to promote business between Italian and German (speaking) companies.

Certified and qualified expert in a Japanese holistic business coaching approach, an innovative method for quickly activating energy and power to drive performance and growth.

Distinctive intercultural competence gleaned through several years of studying and working abroad in New York, Paris, Nice, Rome, and Verona. Mother tongue: German; Foreign languages: fluent in English, Italian, French.

Birgit Grupp Qualifikation


Birgit Grupp persönlich

BIRGIT GRUPP is an expert in the internationalization of companies in Germany, Austria, and Italy and through her sparring partner approach, she demonstrates to top managers how easy leadership and decision making can feel.

As a manager in an international premium automotive company in Germany, Italy, and the US, she has directly experienced the challenges of an executive managerial position with all its challenges and opportunities. Since then, she has accumulated many years of experience as a consultant and sparring partner for top managers and managing directors, and has opened doors to national and international companies and corporations using her extensive network and communication talent to support clients in each step of their internationalization projects.

In addition, after many years working on her own personal growth, the importance of personal qualities and leadership skills in addition to high professional qualifications has become increasing clear. Birgit’s approach to personal development can result in new energy and new strength in a very short period of time.


Change is my life.

Early on I felt more European than German. I wanted to be able to speak different languages and, above all, to get to know and understand different cultures. As a globetrotter, I’ve seen more countries than I can count at the age of 52. Travel is my great passion!

So, I went to New York and Paris for a year, directly after high school before I started my studies in Business Administration with Languages (Italian and French) – at the Universities of Giessen (Germany) and Nice (France). My professional career at Daimler AG brought me to Berlin, New York, and Rome for several years. Currently, I spend more than half of the year in Italy as part of my consulting projects. At this stage in my life, I have spent more time abroad than in my native Germany.

As a leader in demanding positions, I have experienced how lonely one can be when making decisions and how important it is to be able to interact on an equal footing with a neutral, external, informed and educated expert. This is the reason why I have been commuting between Germany and Italy for several years, and why I am available to successfully help entrepreneurs with my expertise, my network, and my international mindset.

In addition, being Sagittarius as a zodiac sign, I am very enthusiastic and passionate about various topics such as alternative medicine, astrology, and personal growth. I love connecting with people and like to take on leadership roles in organizing events, such as international charity events for my Rotary Club in Munich. And if the day had 48 hours, I would change a lot in politics and would have a golf handicap of under 10!

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